Power 2 Play Sports Event Center
5699 Crooked Stick Drive, Windsor CO 80550
MAINLINE:  970.800.3035

Director of Operations:  Alison Cheney

Facility Management:  Judge Fuson
​Partnership/Marketing/National Coordinator:  David Duggan

Director of Officiating:  Lloyd Martinez

Director of Officiating:  Bruce Bird

​Bookkeeping:  Bonnie Clinton

Additional Staff:  A SPECIAL thanks to all of our OFFICIALS, and support staff that make P2P Sports the #1 place to work in northern Colorado!  Family, appreciation, kindness and the ultimate team!  

What Makes Us Proud Are The People Who Make People The Most Important Part Of P2P Sports

WELCOME to P2P Sports!

For over 30 years, the vision of P2P has been about the love of sports, and helping kids!  What started out as a passion, and genuine love and want to help others, has now evolved in much much more.

Anyone can play in a "circuit" or chase a trendy fad, but in the long run, the EXPERIENCE, and FAMILY-DESTINATION is what truly matters.  P2P Sports has and always will be about the moments you will remember and the goals of provide what we all deserve, first-class amenities, and experiences. 

The integral foundation centers around community service, providing opportunities to help building self-confidence, and what it means to be on a team.  It's amazing, with the right leadership and role-models, how young players can learn necessities of what they will need when growing into young adults!  

In 1990, the name was different, but the focus the same as we started running small, simple youth basketball tournaments in Minnesota.  In 2000, after moving to northern Colorado, and finding out there were limited to no opportunities for kids in basketball, we started small with 1 winter league, with only 18 teams!  

Over the years, a work ethic and vision of helping improve the game has led to what you now see at P2P Sports, a regional brand, and methodically, an awareness by many on the national scene of youth sports.  

A special thanks to Eric and Cami Greene, and John Turner who believed in the concept, and ideas of P2P Sports, and became owners in the spring of 2016.   Helping take the programs without a "home" to what you now see as the P2P Sports Event Center has become a reality because of their patience and support.  

One of the single greatest gestures of GRATITUDE needs to be acknowledged to Points West Community Bank in Windsor.  Over a period of 8 years, very few were willing to listen and/or support the vision of building a home to our programs.  While being denied for years and years by other banking institutions, Points West Community Bank took the time to listen, research, and building relationships with us, ultimately providing approval for the design, construction and completion of our beautiful Event Center.

PWBC's support didn't stop when the Event Center was completed, rather, every week, and each visit to their Windsor location, each of their staff members supports the goals of kindness, a friendly welcome, knowing all our staff member names and "above and beyond" customer service! 

OUR STAFF is the foundation of all we do and the living proof of surrounding yourself with quality people, kindness, and those who challenge with loyalty and respect are diamonds that make us shine could not be more truthful at P2P!

While we aren't perfect, and at times, will hold ourselves more accountable than anyone else who ventures into our programs, our efforts are always genuine, caring, and willing to help.    

Thank you.  What Makes Us Proud Are The People Who Make People the most important part of P2P Sports.  


Michael Peterson, info@powertoplaysports.com