Saturday, December 28, 2019
7-8th Grade Boys and Girls

Sunday, December 29, 2019
​1-6th Grade Boys and Girls

$295.00 per team

Awards presented to the 1st place team in each grade level and tier level.

All Events Include:

Background check approved officials and state certification required. 2 person and 3 person crews assigned, including an officiating assignor on location evaluating and assisting officiating staff and game management.  

Scorer's table operations provided by P2P Sports.  If a fundraising group is not available during a particular event, the head coaches of the teams will be informed prior, and FREE admission is provided for one representative on the team to assist.  Parents DO NOT volunteer their services.  

Banner Health Athletic Trainer on-location

P2P Sports Site Director on-location

Free spectator admission for high school and below students.

Free parking

$6.00 spectator adults admission per day for all games.  Wyoming events are $5.00/adult admission.

Roster verification

Awards presented to 1st place team in each grade division and Tier Level.

All games managed by state high school league benches decorum, spectator/visitor code of conduct.