All games LIVE and FREE at P2P Sports LIVE STREAM


Saturday, December 28, 2019
7-8th Grade Boys and Girls

Sunday, December 29, 2019
​1-6th Grade Boys and Girls

refundable $100.00 scheduling deposit
Fully refundable if a team informs P2P Sports prior to scheduling they are not able to attend the event.  If a team backs out after scheduling, no refund is provided. 

*A REFUNDABLE $100.00 scheduling security deposit is added at initial registration.  The scheduling deposit is refunded on Monday following the event if the team attends all games scheduled.  If a team does not attend/cancels after scheduling is completed, the deposit and entry fee is forfeited.

*Why do we now include a scheduling deposit?
This guarantees teams, who are committed to our organization get the games promised in registering. Teams travel a long distance, spend $$ to plan/participate and we are all in this together to ensure a first-class environment.  


Power 2 Play Sports Event Center

5699 Crooked Stick Drive, Windsor CO 80550 

-​Open format, no roster restrictions

-All teams play minimum of 3 games

-P2P Sports officiating will assign all games

-1st and 2nd place awards to each team

-Games played at P2P Event Center
-Players are able to play on multiple teams as long as not in the same division

-Open qualifier to determine seeding in future events


Roster Required (or submit one you already have)
Scoresheets (print and bring to tournament)

NO OUTSIDE FOOD allowed in Event Center
NO FOOD in gym playing area
NO OUTSIDE basketballs allowed

Prohibited Items

P2P Sports Event Center is private, and events hosted at venue are private.  Participation in or attendance at P2P Sports is solely by permission from the Event.  The Event may revoke that permission at any time, for any reason.  All attendees, including officilas, players, coach and spectators must adhere to the policies to create a safe environment.  

Coolers and personal chairs are not allowed in the Event Center.  Seating is provided at each court for spectators.

Still and video photography and broadcasting for commercial purposes is prohibited.  

Weapons of all kinds and ammunition are prohibited, both open carry and concealed carry.

Smoking and smoking devices are prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the premises, inside and out.

Illegal drugs and illegal use of drugs are prohibited on the premises, inside and out.

Food and drink from outside vendors is not permitted in the Event Center.

No sporting balls, athletic balls of any sort are allowed in the Event Center.

Personal music systems and speakers of any kind are prohibited in the Event Center.  

*P2P Sports management reserves the right to require any item is deems problematic to be removed from the Event Center.