P2P Sports has now launched a Sportsmanship Accountability Coalition.  Local, regional and national tournament and league operators are combining to report spectator, coach, and player conduct violations resulting in physical harm and/or verbal abuse.  This group of Event Directors will report to each other as violations occur, sharing the information, details of the violation and the specific names of those violating the policies of safety and respect.

Collectively, this group of Event Directors will work to create accountability, and improve the safety of all attending youth sporting events.  This may include suspension and or temporary/permanent ban from participating in events affiliated with all Event Directors combined in this effort.
The time is now to help improve the safety of participants, and hold all of us accountable to the next level of sportsmanship.  

To be included in this Sportsmanship Accountability Coalition, as an Event Director, email us at info@powertoplaysports.com.  

To report any violations, submit photos, and/or videos for review, please send us email to info@powertoplaysports.com.  



Officials are hired, managed, trained, and evaluated by state high school league assignors, Bruce Bird and Lloyd Martinez. 
Background checks are required, and certification of high school and/or college status required for continual assignments.
Procedures/expectations are in place for attendance, protocol, and professionalism.  All are managed weekly with assignment communication and post event follow-up. 
Officials of all ages, gender, experience and qualifications are available to become part of the P2P Sports team.  We work with a mentoring program to help young and/or inexperienced first time officials gain the resources necessary to successfully participate in youth and club sports.
We protect our officials from unruly and disrespectful words and physical actions.  Without officials, youth sports doesn't exist.  
Continual education is available through year-round camps, clinics, and training.  Many of our officials who start out in youth sports are now working state high school league games, as well as college assignments.  For more information on training, david@powertoplaysports.com.
For more information about officials, and the opportunities existing, brucebird@powertoplaysports.com.  




If you have additional questions you would like to have added to this list, send us email at info@powertoplaysports.com


Officials are one of the most important parts of youth sports.  Protecting officials in a safe environment will always be of priority.  We expect officials to show up on time, be properly dressed, and always striving to improve in their judgment, and communication.  Visitors who threaten the safety of officials, and/or display verbal insults and aggression are removed from the event.  While we want all to have a voice, any reference to officials with profanity, and threatening, there is no follow up on complaints being addressed.  If a person has a concern, they are asked to fill out the proper forms, provide to our staff within 24 hours, and allow for an additional 24 hours for a response.  There is no exception to this guideline.  

Players are not allowed to wear the following during games (per state high school league rules we follow)
a.  Earrings are not allowed.
b.  Jewelry of any sort is not allowed.
c.  Any hard cast (plastic or steel is prohibited).
d.  no metals or clips are allowed in hair, or any part of their uniform or body.

Why do I have to pay spectator admission?
We are a private entity, with no tax dollars to assist in the building, maintenance, and/or upkeep of our programs.  Without spectator admissions, our Event Center wouldn't exist.   

Can I get on a P2P Sports team?
P2P Sports does not manage their own teams.   When you are part of a club team, or independent team participating, the fees you pay are going to that director/club program, and not to P2P Sports. We do not fix the costs for your participation on those teams, rather, we charge for the team to play in the specific event they wish to enter.  We believe in an unbiased, fair environment where your team is not paying to play in an event against "home-town teams".  Impartial and dedicated to this fair environment, we will not run our own club teams, but will help refer players to potential tryouts and independent teams looking to fill a roster spot.  

Why do we not allow outside food?
The upkeep of the Event Center is costly.  The more repairs and time needed in these areas, ultimately cost our visitor's more money in increased fees.  As a result, with our attempts to keep the Event Center beautiful, and affordable during this ever-increasing prices all over in our daily lives, this policy is helping us maintain affordability in a first-class environment.  


Are you hiring?
We do hire part-time and full-time employment opportunities throughout the year.  If interested, go to MORE on our home page, and find EMPLOYMENT.  Fill out the form provided, and our staff will reach out to you.

How do I register?
Simply go to the sport, list of events, and look for the register button.  You pay online, and we then send confirmation emails to your sign-up email.  


Refund Policy
We provide a 100% full refund to any team that cancels in an event before the scheduling starts.  Once a schedule is started, we inform the teams on the timeline, and the no refund policy is in effect.  If a team cancels after this timeline, we would provide a refund if another team pays full price to take the spot vacated by the team dropping out of the event.  If a team is in a multi-weekend league play, and cancels after the 1st weekend of play, they would forfeit the remainder of their league fee.