when budget is all you are focused on... budget is all you will have...

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Somewhere along our path of life, we learn lessons from a variety of sources. Our parents, life experiences, success and failures. Sometimes, it's just living a long life. We tend to listen to older women and men, grandparents, intriqued by someone who is 80, 90, 100 years old and we refer to them having a lot of "wisdom". From my perspective, I've grown into a belief that when anyone speaks, I take time to listen and find something that is valuable to growth and opportunity. I once complained to someone about a coach in my life, only to have them, much older than me responded with, "well, sometimes you learn more on what not to do by bad experiences, than you do from the good experiences!". With this in mind, it leads me to an important part, and the founding principles of what my company, and belief system follows... "when a budget is all you are focused on, a budget is all you will have", and for me, that's the death of a business, and many times, the real reason someone loses an amazing opportunity. I've had to make tough decisions and release/remove/fire, whatever term you want to use people who worked with P2P sports because they were always focused about how much they were going to be paid. The evil of this concept caused them to lie, steal and cheat the other workers around our company, and treat others with disrespect. So, I used another phrase I've heard many times before by other employers, "there's the door, don't let it hit you in the *** on the way out!".

Helping others. What can we do to give back, provide opportunities for kids, help grandparents feel welcome, and comfortable. What amenities matter? How do we offer more, without having to increase prices? How can we be the single best Family-Destination, AND MORE AFFORDABLE in the country!? Questions we have focused on daily, and I'm proud to say, ACHIEVED.

This comes to a suprise for many in the northern Colorado community because we sometimes always think the "grass is greener on the other side!". We have complaints about pricing in our food court, or having to pay spectator admissions for some of our events. When people take the time to get out and about and see the other options around the region, and country, they come back and if we've heard it 1 time, we've heard it 1000 over the past 20 years here in Colorado... "My lord! I'm sorry. We had no idea until we went to an event in .... or....!... and then things in perspective and thankfully, respect.

Of course, if you are a bookkeeper, accountant or business owner, and even managing your own household, you think "how much money do we have coming in, and how much money do we have going out!", and you have to make decisions to make sure you are ahead each month, and ultimately, making a profit that allows you to grow and stay ahead of the increased curve of expenses of the 2020's! But, over the long haul, as a parent, we want our children to have experiences beyond budgeting a check-book, and have the memories be life-lasting and beneficial for their development, instead them having memories of us cutting back everything and simply caring about $$$, more than experiences. And our company is much the same.

At P2P Sports, we have, and always will be focused on the amenities... affordable, and how can we continue to earn a profit by providing an experience first-class and within the means of our visitors. My perspective is you are family. Whether you are here one time or every weekend, you matter, we care, and together, we are continuing on the journey of making sports a valuable part of our daily lives.

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