High School featured events now becoming a big part of what we do..

Over the past year, we have enjoyed a big increase of high school teams participating in our events year round. The affordability and format of our team camps, tournaments, and fundraising efforts to give back to high schools has allowed us to build great relationships. This season, we have added a new feature to our organization by hosting high school games of the week during the state high school sanctioned event, and increased the total number of high school teams to 78 now playing in our High School Winter Showcase. This event is one of the largest in the country! Additional scoreboards are being installed to now include two on each court, and 1200 seating capacity seating on the Chick Fil-A court is ongoing and will be completed this fall. Add in the quaint team rooms completed this May, we now have one of the nicest arena's in the state to host high school games on a regular season schedule, and vying for state playoff games in the future. It's new, unique, and AFFORDABLE. The game of the week events for volleyball and basketball are actually fundraising opportunities for high schools. We give back to the schools to host their home game(s) at P2P Sports to help draw regional recognition and additional funds for their programs. 1310KFKA radio is a proud partner that will be broadcasting the games live, including interviews with the Athletic Directors and head coaches of each team.

Thank you for all of the support, guidance and advice that assisted us in achieving these goals and opportunities. As a private organization not funded by tax dollars to build, operate and maintain, budgets are always tight like any business, but our commitment to helping high schools is a big commitment on our part, and important to us. Education and sports shapes the future of young men and women, and the more we can work together to help, the better the environment and opportunities for everyone.

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