It's time volleyball raises their standards to create change...

I’ve been involved in basketball for 30 years, and developed the concepts of our programming under that sports premise of youth sports. What is changing in our focus on the versatility of our programs, with volleyball now becoming a big part of what we are doing. The hiring of Heather Evans, our volleyball operations director is one of the best decisions we have made here at P2P! She’s brought a sense of knowledge, passion, and work ethic to volleyball here and beyond.

As our programs are changing, we are influencing the perspective and thought process of what parents, players, and coaches deserve in spending their time and $$ attending volleyball events around the region.

We have always believed parents and players shouldn’t have to volunteer their services to the tournament director. This meaning, when a volleyball team shows up and plays 3-4 matches in a day, they shouldn’t be asked to then volunteer their players for scorer’s table operations or lines-judge responsibilities. It’s 2020!.. and if Event Directors are still operating in this environment, they are sending a message that budget is the primary focus, with net profits being the driving force of what they are doing. It simply is not that way here at P2P Sports.

Like we have done in basketball over the past several years, volleyball is now providing the same environment. We hire certified officials for all games. There are still organizations here in northern Colorado and beyond who are asking for officials to volunteer their services! I’m not sure there are any officials out there who are hyped about working a weekend event, away from their families for volunteer pay! In addition, we hire staff to work the scorer’s table and lines-judge operations for all games.

I know as a parent of a 5 year old who is coming up through the ranks of sports the last thing I’m going to allow my daughter to do is prepare week after week and attend a tournament to play, and after playing, then volunteer their services for a tournament director who refusing to do the work behind the scenes and focus on the amenities of the experience, instead of the making the most money. Just because things have been done a certain way for 50 years, doesn’t it mean it’s the right thing to do? In many cases, no it does not, and especially the more we learn, research, listen and grow as a person, team or organization, many times our opinion and thought process changes. This is one of those moments for volleyball in this area.

I haven’t found a parent yet who wakes up and says to themselves, “my child doesn’t deserve the best”. I feel that, but add to the thought process, “if my child wants the best, she needs to have a work ethic and willingness to earn the best”. When a player makes a team and is playing in an event, they shouldn’t be made to feel less than what they are by being asked to volunteer their services for a tournament director. The time between matches for these players can be better spent with parents, siblings, or grandma and grandpa who are there watching them play, only to lose out on the connection opportunities between games while their grandchild is volunteering their work.

Expect more. Look towards the future. Spend your money wisely!

Lastly, it’s okay to have high expectations! It’s your Money! Pick and choose where you spend your money for your child’s youth sports participation. Discount opportunities result in discount amenities, and less than the environment you would expect the best for your programs. Many times, when you factor in the long term investment, the programs who are slightly higher in cost to participate are much better and less expensive than the discount-bargain events that are available almost anywhere! It’s a personal choice. The difference between one less cup of coffee a week per family member on a team is the difference between the first-class experience and the others! 😊

How do you create change? You ask for it. Expect it. Politely address it, and hopefully over time, the other organizations will see what we already see and are doing and help improve it across the board.

While we already believe in this, and realize our organization is investing in the future of volleyball programs, and making less per event, we hope that the influence will ask others to do the same. It's about the kids playing, and for that, worth the time and $$!

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