Mask mandate.. do we agree with it! Nope, but....

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

We really don't have a choice. In today's world, until we are able to change it, people are able to mandate and as a business, we are forced to work with them, or be in violation and lose the lively-hood of those who depend on income to survive, and the opportunity for kids to play sports would go away for the time-being. So, we are working closely with the local officials to ensure the safety (which matters to us more than anything!) of everyone here and beyond.

We believe in common sense, and with the mandate FROM THE GOVERNOR, enforced by LARIMER COUNTY, much of it does make sense, but some of it simply does not.

What we do know is we are an essential business. Anyone who doesn't believe that fitness, and activity plays a vital role in the mental and physical health of everyone, especially children simply doesn't either have children, or a lifestyle choice of fitness or activity. With the skyrocking increase in suicides among teenagers, we can't have children feel isolated, and disconnected from the rest of the world. Minimizing the importance of being on a team, practicing and competing on a regular basis is vital to the health of that child, and their family. Any administrator who has been inside the walls of schools or an environment of competition knows this... and should have active voice to those who make decisions on how this affects your family and child.

In the past 6 weeks, we have been blessed to host 800+ teams from 12 states, and 2500+ games! The popularity of our programs is at an all-time high and we are truly thankful for the opportunity to do what we love, and what we do extremely well! As one of the premier youth sports organizations in the country, Colorado has opportunities for kids you simply don't see anywhere else. Family-destination, at one of the most beautiful Event Centers in the country allows us to control our present and future. We are active in this community and requested to do local and regional interviews. One of them was right here in northern Colorado with 1310KFKA Radio in Greeley.

copy the link below to hear what we are doing, and the validity and professionalism of our organization on how we are handling this pandemic.

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