Most under-appreciated profession by far!... is....

Officiating. A special thanks to all of the officials this past weekend who were back in action at P2P Sports for our Independence Explosion tournament. 3-person crews across the board from 5th grade to varsity and they were FANTASTIC! What goes on behind the scenes in becoming an official, training and time is incredible and really not appreciated at all by many who are spectators. We took a lot of time during the break of 3 months since March improving our Event Center for officials with new rooms for them off the courts of competition. This is a big plus for them, and a simple gesture for us to simple say and do something above and beyond for them.

They are the most important part of an event, and we value them greatly. Yes, we support them, and it's not that we don't support the coaches or teams who visit, but like anything, there's a foundation of support they need in order to provide the environment of next level for competition.

There really is nothing like the opportunities here at P2P for officials. We have many who travel from as far as New Mexico to work our events, and the same resounding response on why the do so is because they know they are cared for and matter to us. Officials from every walk of life have made a conscious decision to give up time from their families and personal lives to officiate youth sports!

It's a tough gig... sometimes impossible to make everyone happy. Imagine every single time you blow your whistle, 1/2 the gym loves you and the other half thinks you need to upgrade your prescription!

Just a simple thank you! We appreciate everyone one of them! Yes, there are times when we need to improve, request, and even ask for one to not come back!... but that is because they maybe officiating isn't what they need it to be in their lives in giving the effort we expect!. but that's okay! We learn a lot from that as well.

Blessings to you as an official! Welcome back! It's been great to see you!

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