NEW INDOOR Amenities at P2P Sports ongoing!

Always trying to come up with more functions, features, and opportunities to help improve the experience at P2P is a daily thought-process and commitment from our staff to our visitor’s.  We thrive on family-destination, affordable, and next level amenities.  While we realize a budget is important, if a budget is all you are focused on, a budget is all you are doing to get.  We are willing to invest in the future of our programs, knowing it provides an enhanced experience for all attending. 

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past several months working on new features at P2P Sports.  Here’s a list of a few currently under construction!

  1. New team rooms, 4 total will be unveiled.  These help the officials and high school teams during our featured events, with a place to use before, during and after games.  With two located on the east and west side of the courts, it provides a start for future expansion of more team rooms.

  2. An additional scoreboard on each court, providing 2 each.  This is a big financial investment, but will provide more of the ‘real-game’ environment.

  3. Addition of 1200 seating capacity high school court on the Chick Fil-A Court!  This new feature will provide P2P Sports to host some of the featured high school volleyball and basketball games in the area!  Featured Matches and Games of the week become part of the P2P Sports High School experience starting in the fall!

Your feedback, and the creative thought-processes of our staff are turning these ideas into reality as we proceed through the summer of ’20 into the fall season!  Thanks again for all of the help to so many!

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