Once again, P2P taking the lead in northern Colorado and beyond...

We have been proud to take the lead, update/upgrade and help change the environment for the better. In 2000, we were the first organization in Colorado to provide 1-day, 3 game environment tournaments. In 2005, we implemented our playing rules to follow suit to the state high school league rules/guidelines for high school coaches, officials, and players. In 2009, we started using 3-person crews for high school divisions, and over the past 11 years, when available, officials work 3-person crews for all divisions in our tournament play.

2018 brought our providing all scorer's table operations for all league and tournament play. A big financial investment, despite keeping our entry fees the same over the past 5 years. It's 2020.. if you are still attending youth sporting events where your parents and players are having to volunteer for the tournament director, you might want to re-evaluate your choices to attend these events... In 2019, a controversial, but right thing to do was eliminate post-game handshakes, to pre-game good luck handshakes in an attempt to eliminate parental involvement and potential altercations we see around the region and country in other events. We wanted to stay ahead of the game in a preventative measure while we evaluated the change, and gained valuable advice and insight from college and high school evaluators. The positive feedback far outweighed the negative viewpoints of our competitors, parents, and coaches who simply were the perpetrator's of the actions in the first-place causing this policy to be enforced! All of these were new, and the first in the region for youth basketball. We haven't been afraid of investing more to ensure the safety and quality is paramount. During the fall of 2020, we are now evaluating converting all of our varsity high school boys and girls games to a traditional high school setting. Implementing club events, including high school teams to the four, 8-minute quarters, and all protocol and operations the same as a state high school league sanctioned event. Officials are all state sanctioned, and held to the same standards. As we see coaches not being held to the same level of accountability in personal conduct, the state high school league suspensions of 2 technical fouls (results in 1 game suspension) and all other code of conduct are being adopted. We have seen aggressive coaches during the off-season attack verbally and chase down the same officials who will be working their high school games. Miraculously, these coaches can't figure out why in the high school season they don't get the calls, or are judged at a critical level during the high school season! Officials are human, and yes, like an elephant, they never forget! right or wrong, it's part of life. The only exception to the new rules will be the 4 minute warm-ups, and 2 minute half-times. Each team will also be allowed 3 time-outs per game. We are also going to implement a mercy rule that during the 4th quarter, if a lead is 20 points or more, the clock will run continuous until the point spread gets to 10 or below, and of course, during time-outs and special situations.

This is a big investment on our part as games will last longer, resulting in more fees to the officials, and less games per day on the court. The cost for events will remain the same. Quality is worth the investment!

The goal is to continually evaluate what's best for preparing players for the next level of competition they will see during the high school seasons. Accountability, and mirroring as much as we are during the off-season to what they will see during the season!

This is the first-ever here in Colorado and the region for all varsity games. We are excited to implement and gain insight on the potential of the new big thing!

Your feedback is always appreciated!

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