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Power2Play Switches to a No Spectator Rule

Larimer County was placed on level red the week of Nov. 20, and issued its residents that it was safer at home. As a solution to the shift, P2P staff and founder, Michael Peterson, decided to change the spectator rule from two fans per player, to none at all.

“We simply enforced a no spectator rule on our own to ensure safety. No one mandated that for us,” Peterson said. “We implemented it because we have always gone above and beyond what has been expected of us without having to be asked.”

With the no spectator rule going into effect the week of Dec. 7, the girls’ high school fall basketball league and its teams will continue to play the game they love, even without the support of their fans.

“Playing with no fans is definitely weird because there is nobody really there to cheer you on, other than your teammates. It is nice having my teammates there though,” Reece Yahn, Triple Threat player, said.

During the games this week, P2P has made sure the environment will continue to be a positive, fun experience for the players, despite not having any fans in attendance. Players are still able to interact with their teammates and the games will continue to be played during these unprecedented times.

“It is very discouraging not being able to cheer on my daughter, (Kaycee Steinke, a player on Box State Outlaws varsity basketball team), and her team in person. Also, to not have the camaraderie between parents, coaches and players,” Tara Torgerson said.

As the new rule came into play earlier this week, parents and peers have had the chance to live stream the games through the P2P website under ‘watch live’. P2P staff commentates and streams each game so fans can still watch the games as if it were happening in front of them.

Along with P2P, coaches have been taking extra steps to be there for their teams while transitioning through the pandemic. These included figuring out gym time, supporting players' as fans when parents can’t, and ensuring the safety of their teams.

“Coaching during a pandemic is probably one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my coaching career. You just never know who is going to walk through the door, or who is going to be sick or healthy. These kids are chomping at the bit to play and to compete,” Dan Doehler, Flight sub-varsity coach said. “I am just thankful for Michael (Peterson) and his staff to have something available for us to be able to use as an outlet.”

Samantha DeMers (Author/Photographer)

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