Thank you. Recognition and kindness appreciated.

This summer, in 6 weeks, we were blessed to have 900+ team registrations participate in our league and tournament series. With nearly 3000 games, we paved our way through all of the requirements from the local and state health departments with 100% compliance and not a single violation. Our staff were outstanding! We wanted to thank so many of the teams who traveled from around the country to participate. 20+ states visited P2P Sports, and not a report of a COVID case having originated, or being spread within the walls of P2P Sports. That says a lot as we hosted 20,000+ people in attendance based on our online sign-up for spectator admission, roster, and coaches waivers. We've been able to add some great features in our programs with one additional scoreboard on each court, providing now 2 for each! A 450+ parking lot spots is currently under construction and we hope to see the completion in September. Lastly, the park located to our north includes a full sized high school basketball court, beach and walking path. All of which, we are appreciative of the metro district of Highland Meadows providing the amenities. Thank you. The kindness of so many, and loyalty of so many have created once again a fantastic year of 2020 for our organization. We are still fighting our way every week with COVID and limited numbers, but our limited numbers are still fantastic and what most organizations would love to have at full capacity!

Wishing all a back to school season! We will be excited to begin again in September and whatever is thrown our way, we will survive and thrive with success! Good things happen to good people is what was passed on by my family in one of their many words of wisdom, and it rings true inside the walls of P2P!


Michael Peterson Founder/Owner/President