The Cost of COVID to the small business world

Along with the devastating results in the past 4 months during the pandemic, many of us in the small business world are seeing lasting results of the cost of COVID, and the overwhelming amount of additional work and costs to open, operate and survive! Our hearts go out to any small business struggling at this time. We are fortunate at P2P Sports to have amazing staff and great leadership, allowing us some breathing room financially, but there still is a massive amount of costs that most don't understand. Right now, our operations budget has doubled in staff, supplies, and cleaning/safety procedures. Ironically enough, while the county expects you to add all of these costs to your bottom line in order to be open, they offer no assistance or condolences in paying property taxes! In fact, they even go as far to penalizing you if by chance you aren't able to pay your property taxes online! That's the government really caring about the small businesses isn't it! Nevertheless, it's the world in which we live in. We ask that you continue to support small businesses around this region. They are all run by families who are working hard to simply provide the necessities of survival for their loved-ones. Our staff are wanting to work more, and make up for lost time, and expect to receive a pay-check. With that in mind, the costs of operations simply has to be covered with user fees, and participation. We have not increased our team entries now going on 3 years, and vowed that during this time, we won't either. We care about it being family-affordable, and the experience being always, family-destination. Yes, this is a luxury item in our lives. Youth sports is NOT FREE and hasn't been for years! Lastly, as we are all expected to enforce more procedures and protocol, it's imperative those who visit are kind, and patient. No one wants to walk out of our Event Center after every game, and be inconvenienced sitting outside in the heat, and elements. Until the world returns to some sense of normalcy, this is the environment we live in. Yes, bring your masks. We know it's a bother for many, but it's part of our lives at this point. Make the simple decision to be kind to one another and stop the judgmental thought process, rather, experiment with the kindness, and care for others through process! We are here to help. We are here to stay. We are a thriving company with amazing individuals together being a fantastic group. There are very few is any family-destination places like beautiful northern Colorado and yes, the Event Center. We are the largest of it's kind in Colorado, and the only of it's kind in northern Colorado with full-sized regulation courts, and the environment known as an Event Center! A few and far between small training centers exist, but for tournament and league play, there is only one choice, and the by far BEST CHOICE in 30 years of experience running events as well as anywhere in the country! Be safe and thank you. We appreciate all of your kindness and support to our programs.

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