The Quandary of Spectator Admission in Youth Sports...

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Over the years, we have tried diligently to keep the costs for families affordable. As one of the most affordable in the country, we continue to explore options each year. One of the most controversial aspects is spectator admissions. As you families venture into the high school ranks, spectator admission is part of every high school game you attend. It's a necessity for schools to make budgets and generate revenue to help for the very sport the players are participating. In youth sports, with the high costs of operations of officials, staff, facility management and maintenance, it's become standard for almost any event you attend around the country. The difference is the profit margin and honesty of organizations on what they choose to charge.

Prior to P2P Sports opening up their own Event Center, the rental rates of colleges and high schools around the region priced our spectator admissions from 8.00/adult to 6.00/student. It was a necessity to simply run the event.

Ironically, after we opened up our own Event Center, we had the ability to monitor our pricing, and lowered spectator admission to 6.00/adult, and $2.00/high school and NOW FREE for all youth. While we could have continued to charge the same rates as our prior events with facility rentals, we didn't, and believed it was the right thing to do to help save families $$.

We are now continuing to explore eliminating spectator admissions for select events to explore, research and find other ways to help.

One of the strategies is simply charging more for the tournament for teams to participate. By charging an additional 100.00-150.00 per team to play, we no longer have to charge spectator admission at the front door. This isn't about a profit model, rather, survival in order to operate. P2P Sports is not a tax-based entity where your tax dollars paid for the construction or maintenance of our facility, rather, we put back over 250,000K a year in taxes to the county and city to help improve opportunities for kids in the region. In addition, we donate back to high schools and help them with facility rentals and opportunities at discounted rates in our events. Quite honestly, what we give is not seen, nor should it, as we do it to help others, and not the recognition. We will look at offering a few events starting in the fall as spectator admission FREE events. We value your input, and kindness in advice and suggestions. As you see a few of them listed, you will see the entry fee higher than the others listed with spectator admission. As we evaluate these events, we will then either continue to build on the opportunities of hosting more, or if it logistically doesn't work, discontinue. We simply won't know until we explore the options.

Keep in mind, our operation is one of the largest in the country, followed by a vast amount of expenses to simply operate on a daily basis. Our focus is not, nor will ever be about a profit margin, rather, amenities and the environment and experiences of those attending. Quality costs, and we believe teams and people from around the country want just that, vs. a cookie cutter, discount lower level environment you can find almost every weekend on every corner for youth volleyball and basketball events.