The sooner you stop expecting things from others....

Adversity is nothing more than an opportunity to succeed and grow!

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

The sooner you stop expecting things from others, the sooner you will stop being disappointed!

Be Kind, Be Thankful.. You don’t have to be perfect, just do your best! Words we live by At P2P Sports! While most focus on a business, we have concentrated and believed our efforts are about family, helping others, and simply doing the best we can every day! Transparency. When you make a mistake, own it, and figure out a way to help improve it! Our organization has been through a lot in 30 years of operations! But, nothing could prepare us quite like the spring and summer of 2020! A pandemic! No problem! We achieved what we set out to do, and have enjoyed the most successful spring and summer series in the 30 year history of P2P Sports!

Good things happen to good people! 😊….

March 10, 2020, the state of Colorado sports shut down! The state high school league stopped the girls and boys state playoffs at 8:00 am in the morning. We did the same, and were shut down for 3 months, opening our doors back up on July 2nd!

During this time, we never stopped planning for the future. Revamp and build of a new website, with improved communication tools and enhanced tracing features (per COVID).

As you drive by, you will see a new parking lot on the west-end, 450 spots to be completed in the fall. Additional features less noticeable are the new team rooms and officiating rooms allowing them some comfort and privacy from the court placement prior. In addition, landscaping upgrades and the north side park area has been completed.

In the month of August, we are installing additional scoreboards to now feature full-sized, two per court. With new seating on the horizon, we will be able to host 1200-1500 seating capacity events on our main 2 and 5 courts featuring high school teams from the region.

As we progressed through the month of July, our success was the envy of many of the other organizations in the region. False reporting from a Denver based TV station depicted us not being in compliance with COVID regulations…Which, was obviously false, and predicated by competitors in the region, looking for an edge! During 5 visits during the month of July, we have been in 100% compliance and full cooperation with health departments from the state and local levels here in Larimer County! A special thanks to our staff who did an amazing job, and acknowledged by Shaun May of the Larimer County Health Department!