Yes, our events are happening this summer!

Updated June 6, 2020

We are excited to begin our 2020 summer schedule of events this June. By following the state, regional and local guidelines, our Event Center will be available for tournament and league play. As we care about everyone’s safety, always, and not just during this time, many of the policies we implement have been already enforced prior to the Pandemic. We have added additional features to help parents, players, coaches, and officials enjoy their experience. *if the guidelines change throughout the summer, updates will be timestamped and presented on our website, and emailed to our followers.

Before you leave the house: -Head and assistant coach must be registered prior, with consent and waiver report completed. -All players on roster must be submitted by head coach, and all parents must completed pre-event consent and waiver report. -Two spectators per player are allowed, and spectator admission must be purchased prior, online, and verified upon arrival. -If anyone is sick, or flu-like symptoms, they are required to stay home. -If your child or anyone in your family is uncomfortable participating in organized events, please keep them home. -Those unable to attend can watch the games via Live-Stream from the website. -Maximum of 25 players per court, and 50 people per court allowed. When coaches/teams arrive: -Head coach must report and check-in, outside of P2P Sports at the Scheels tent. -Assistant coach must report and check-in, outside of P2P Sports at the Scheels tent. -Each player, and two spectators (maximum) allowed must report to Scheels tent with ID, and spectator admission passes purchased online. -If a player is not on a roster submitted by head coach, they are not allowed to participate.

Entry/Exit: All entry and exits are clearly marked, with all participating expected to follow the arrows and paths. Teams are expected to exit the building from court 1, 3, 4, and 6, from the north patio exit as well as the main exit. No one allowed to exit the entry area.

Scheduling at the Event Center: -Divisions will be scheduled on the same court, with pool play and/or bracket play. -Games will be scheduled on the hour, allowing time between games for our staff to clean the scorer’s table area, and teams enough time to move off the bench completely, prior to new team entering. -Teams do not bring their own balls. P2P Sports provides two per team for warm-ups and the game ball. All are sanitized prior to each game.

Team Personnel/Officials Bench Area -Head coach, assistant coach and rostered players are the only ones allowed in team bench area and scorer’s table area. Violation results in the parent/fan associated with the player, and the player suspended from the event. -Officials are allowed in the scorer’s table area. -P2P Staff and scorer’s table personnel area allowed in the scorer’s table area. -Officials will disinfect the game balls -No pre-game or post-game hand-shakes will take place. -No player allowed to play on two teams in the tournament. Officials: -All officials are assigned by Bruce Bird and Lloyd Martinez (state high school league assignors). -Officials are provided their own meeting area before, between and after games. -Officials are required to complete pre-event consent and waiver report. -No parents, coaches, or players are allowed to approach an official’s before or after games. Any violation results in the person violating and their child participating from the event. Sports Lounge: -Seating will be positioned for teams and individuals for appropriate social distancing. Teams are expected to stay together, as families/coaching staff. -Outdoor seating is available on south and north patio. All seating is appropriate for social distancing. -One person per family allowed to enter the food court area to purchase drinks and food. Our Staff: -Each staff worker will complete the consent and waiver report. -No staff member allowed to work if symptoms of flu, or temperature over 100 degrees. Additional Procedures: -Water fountains will be turned off. -Awards will be presented to the head coach who may distribute to team. -Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. -Wash your hands frequently. -Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth (if so, wash your hands) -Use sanitizer. -The Event Center will continuously be cleaned hourly, and throughout the day. -A no-tolerance policy is enforced. Any person approaching staff, officials, or other parents, players, or coaches will be asked to leave the event. -Common sense of social distancing is requested. -Patience and understanding during this time, as we all slowly, and with caution return to normalcy by working together, and enjoying the event, and helping one another be safe and respectful.

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