You Can Either Complain or Grow!!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We are somewhat fortunate at P2P Sports, as during this Pandemic, we have been able to continue on, grow, and not fall into a trap of panic or desperation. Our staff has done an amazing job over the past 2 years building a brand, and providing security. Alison Cheney, David Duggan, Heather Evans, and Ty Alexander are truly the best 4 staff members in youth sports in the country. I wouldn't put any of them on the waiver wire or trade 5 people for even one of them! What they do behind the scenes is astounding. In addition, our part-time staff, officials, and scorer's table management team provides a first-class experience because they genuinely care.

As a former college and high school coach, all the mistakes I made during the 20 years is more so than the positive, but one of the most valuable I have learned is the great coaches, are those who aren't afraid of hiring assistant coaches who are fantastic, and in many ways better than themselves as the head coach.

My staff, each of them in their area of expertise are far more efficient and talented than I will ever be! They make us who we are, and I simply use management skills of trust, empowerment, and loyalty as the foundation. They do their thing, and WOW!.. the end result continues to improve all of who we are.

Over the past 2.5 months, while the world stood, the dust didn't settle under any of their feet! They worked every day, 7 days a week most of the time, continuing to improve what we do, experience, and what's ahead for the visitors here at P2P. There's a difference between being down and out vs.. being down and out and broke! I was taught at a very young age that getting up each morning and putting in a good days work is the single most important part of defining your success, and while most want it immediately and without sacrifice, the real growth and substance comes from doing it yourself, and patiently. Our staff embodies this, and refuses to make excuses for the future of our organization.

Thank you! All who are here matter, and are appreciated!

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