Follow directions below to access live-stream

1.  Do you have your schedule to find game time and courts?  VIEW SCHEDULE HERE

2.  If you are a first-time user, you must build your username and password (profile) before watching.

3.  Some events required pay-per-view for access.  If so, you will set up your profile, account, and then access.

4.  Membership includes all games, all courts, all day, and/or weekend pass.  If you purchase a yearly pass, you have access for one year, all games, all courts.

5.  When you purchase, you can log on different locations,
but must log out of the existing before you log on the different.  It does not allow multiple log-ins. Each individual must have their own account to watch.    

6.  All recordings are published the following Monday and/or 24-48 hours of events occurring on week days/nights.  Recordings are hosted in 4 hour blocks, allowing viewing in those block times.  Users can sift through games, finding the clips and/or games they wish and save with clip feature.