Below are answers/guidelines to frequently asked questions about our programs.  

Officiating Guidelines









Tournament Cancellation & Refund Policy

NO refunds will be issued after tournament deadline, event registration closes or after event is scheduled.  Retain 100% of entry for any team NO-Show.  $50.00 of entry fee and all credit card transaction fees will be retained if a team request a refund after registering for a tournament and prior to the deadline date. Deadline is always 2 weeks prior to date of event.


We don't run our own club teams.  P2P Sports does not have their own club teams. We are 100% unbiased and a team never has to worry about beating the "hometown team".  We believe the environment should be fair and balanced for all teams. 

Why a running clock is far better than a stopped clock?

Games are on-time throughout the day.  Other than an injury or multiple games of overtime/double overtime status, games run every 55 minutes on the hour, allowing parents to plan their days.  
Officials also are more willing to call the games/fouls appropriately as many, in a lopsided game will not call fouls in a 20 point blowout.  Officials are paid per game, and they are more willing to call fouls at the end of the game as much as they are in the beginning if there is a regulated time system.  Why would an official blow their whistle in a 15 point game with 1 minute left, knowing the game might be 1 hour and 15 minutes in length vs. the 55 minute game time.

We schedule 7-10 days out before an event.  Frustrated when it's Thursday, and you still haven't received your game schedule for Saturday/Sunday?  It's understandable, as families have to plan ahead.  We value this, and require teams to register in advance, in full, prior to being scheduled, and work diligently to get the schedule 7-10 days out.

The way we schedule matters.  The old school, games at 9 am and 3 pm is a thing of the past.  Your time matters.  P2P schedules to accommodate this, along with special requests, travel consideration.  Teams sometimes wonder, why are we playing at this time?  The answers usually lie within requests of teams traveling out of state, flight plans, arrival/departure same day, one coach being involved with two teams, and the list goes on and on!

At this time, we schedule all of our games by hand?  Why would we do this?  Two games in 4 hours, or 3 games in 5 hours is far better than a computer spitting out a schedule that is impersonal and doesn't take in a variety of convenience factors.  

Why Grade level is better than age level?
Why does the state high school league run all their sports predicated on grade level vs. age?  Because it's better.  You graduate with other seniors, and so on.  You compete in the youth and junior high school seasons at 6th, 7th, 8th.  We prepare students for the same environment in which they see in the state high school league season.

Why do we follow the state high school league and bench decorum?  Educating parents/players, and coaches on the expectations of what they will see during the state high school league is imperative for administrator's and the state high school league.  Inappropriate conduct requires consequences.  


Required payment in advance before scheduling.  Ever showed up at a tournament, and the team you are scheduled to play doesn't show up?  Many times, iit's because the tournament director allows teams to pay when they show up at the door.  When you dont' have any skin in the game... it's easy for a team to wake up on game day and back out . P2P requires all teams to be paid in full before they are ever put on a schedule.  


In the Event Center, why we don't allow for balls/basketball to be brought in to our events?
50 people a year leave a $50.00/ball at our Event Center. Parents contact us frustrated, and many who live outside the region ask us to "send it to them".  We also have balls stolen, or misplaced.  In addition, prior, between, time-outs, and after games, no one should be allowed to run on the court and shoot-around.  It's a distraction to the teams playing, and the game scheduled those teams deserve to have it be "their court time".  We also have expensive items in the sports lounge, which, create damage.  Leave 'em home!


Why no outside coolers or food allowed in P2P?

Enjoy them on the patios!  Food brought into our building ends up on the couches, toilets, floors, etc., and managing what is consumed in the building helps us maintain/upkeep our building.  


Our refund policy helps create commitment.  When a team registers, they commit to playing in our event.  We spend the time scheduling, communicating and helping teams prepare.  Many times, we have a waiting list, and when a team takes the spot with payment, the other teams will then fill their open weekend in an another event.  When a team drops, we are then forced to reschedule/time spent, and find another team to replace the dropped team.  


Why do you protect your officials?  Well, without officials, you have no youth sports.  We protect officials because the volatile environment of youth sports needs to be safe for all of us.  We value the teams, coaches, parents, and just as we all make mistakes, officials are also treated in the same way.  They are hired on judgement, and not perfection and they need to know when they show up for work, they have an organization that believes in them as much as we do all who enter.  All working together, with the thought of a positive environment vs. a win-at-all-costs environment.  

We already pay our club team high fees, why are we paying again for spectator admission?  The fees parents pay to a club team doesn't relate to P2P Sports and the costs of operation for facilities.  Without spectator admission, the Event Center wouldn't exist.  Property taxes, metro district taxes, parking lot maintenance, officiating fees, staff/payroll and the same costs to operate a business in the traditional sense, exists within youth sports.  The higher fees charged by all vendors directly affects the prices at P2P Sports.  

Directions to 5699 Crooked Stick Drive, Windsor CO 80550

The Event Center is available for corporate, private and event rentals.  In addition, team practices, clinics, camps, and special events.  

Registrations can be submitted online via credit card.  Check payments are accepted, but teams are not scheduled without payment in full, in advance.  Refunds are provided only if done prior to event scheduling.  Once an event is scheduled, no refunds are issued.  No credit for future events are allowed.


Where do I find tournament, league or game schedules?  
Listed by sport (basketball and pickleball) go to the team sport, and find the drop down menu called team schedules.  The head coach/contact of each team gets the schedule sent to them directly prior to each event.  Ask your head coach/team contact for any updates.

There are no parking fees.   

Live-Stream (Unable to attend in person?)
Available on our Live-Stream section of our website.  Click through the prompts, as pay-per-view, all games, all access with a daily, monthly, or yearly membership.  Games are available following each event for FREE.  


Spectator Admissions 
Located on the BOX-OFFICE section of website.  Tickets are not sold in person via cash or card, rather, all are purchased in advance.  You will show up with your ticket, and ID and a simple scan on our system allows you into the event(s).  You will receive a wrist-band for the event. 

Please no outside food
P2P Sports asks that no outside coolers or food are brought into the Event Center. The cleanliness of the Event Center is of primary importance, and this helps our staff continue to provide a first-class environment.  Enjoy as you wish, on the south patio, and tail-gating!  

Menu Items in Grab-N-Go Concessions
A variety of drinks, snacks, and light food items are available.   Stock and variety rotates on a regular basis.  Cash and/or credit card is accepted.  

Please do not bring any balls into the Event Center (league and tournament play)
P2P Sports provides all warmup and game balls for events.  The Event Center is treated as if you were to go to a high school and or college game, with respect to the teams playing the game. We try to eliminate the distractions during game breaks, and protect the inside decor of the Event Center.  

Ziggi's Coffee available at P2P Sports
Full Service menu is available.  

Where to Eat and Stay Partners
Listed below on this page, reach out directly to each to let them know you are a P2P Sports customer for planning in advance with pricing and accommodations.  

Outside Amenities
North and south patios are available (by season).  On the north side of P2P Sports, enjoy a walking path, outdoor basketball and volleyball (grass) courts, cornhole, and a sandy beach.  The Highland Meadows Golf Course is located just 2 blocks north, with driving range and T-times available. 

Your Suggestions:
P2P Sports has evolved over 33 years through input from our customers.  If you have comments, or suggestions, please respectfully submit to info@powertoplaysports.com.  

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